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ice wine

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Ingredients: Black tea Orange Pekoe grade, freeze dried grapes, luxury white tea, Ontario ice wine, natural flavors.

Cup Characteristics: A delicious fresh and piquant white grape flavor with hints of exotic fruit that pleasantly lingers on the tongue.

Options: Great with organic honey or rock sugar.

Benefits: Black tea is a lot more flavourful and caffeine-laden than its counterparts which do not enjoy this amount of oxidation. Drinking black tea is also help to reduce cardiovascular problems, prevent cancer and lower risk of diabetes.

Fun to know: Its unique flavor comes from grapes that are first fully-ripened and frozen on the vine and then picked to make the Ice Wine Tea. This process is labor intensive and delicate. Resultantly relatively small quantities of Ice Wine Tea are produced but it is distinctly sweeter and richer than other Teas. This expensive tea has a refreshing flavor and also tastes very crisp, somewhat like grapes and Goji Berries mixed together.

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