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maple black

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Ingredients: Black tea Orange Pekoe grade, sunflower petals, calendula, Ontario maple syrup

Cup Characteristics: Sweet taste with Canadian favorite maple syrup flavors

Options: Excellent to add milk and sugar, also a good choice to make iced tea

Benefits: Black tea is a lot more flavourful and caffeine-laden than its counterparts which do not enjoy this amount of oxidation. Drinking black tea is also help to reduce cardiovascular problems, prevent cancer and lower risk of diabetes.

Fun to know: A truly authentic symbol of Canada, maple syrup was first collected and used by the indigenous people of North America. When the sap begins to “run”, native people discovered that it is quite sweet and if one boiled off the water you were left with this fantastic tasting and very sweet syrup. The natives even showed the early settlers how to make maple syrup, which was a great dietary assistance in the early days. Today Canada and New England are world renown for this ‘wonder from the woods’.

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