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peach apricot black

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Ingredients: Black tea Orange Pekoe grade, natural dried papaya, freeze dried peach and apricot, blackberry leaves, sunflower petals, calendula, natural flavours

Cup Characteristics: A tasty combination of mellow peaches with deep full flavoured apricots

Options: Excellent to make an iced tea with some organic honey or a pinch of sugar

Benefits: Black tea is a lot more flavourful and caffeine-laden than its counterparts which do not enjoy this amount of oxidation. Drinking black tea is also help to reduce cardiovascular problems, prevent cancer and lower risk of diabetes.

Fun to know: So what makes these two fruits go so well together? The key is in their delicate, intensely sweet flavour profiles. The characters of both fruits together blend into a harmonious explosion of citrus-y goodness. And what makes them blend so well with a high grown Ceylon tea? The answer to that question is the natural acidity, and astringent qualities of both. Try a cup for yourself and discover what makes this one of our most special flavoured teas.

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