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shanghai lychee jasmine

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Ingredients: green tea, Jasmine blossoms, natural lychee fruit flavouring

Cup Characteristics: Very very nice. Superb synergy of jasmine green tea and luscious lychee fruit with sweet fruit finish

Options: Excellent to make an iced tea with some organic honey or a pinch of sugar

Benefit: Jasmine tea is particularly healthy because it is high in a group of powerful antioxidants; it offers many health benefits, including a reduced risk of cancer, lower heart rate, blood pressure, stroke and cholesterol levels. Fun to know: Lychee is also called litchi chinensis, 荔枝 (li zhi) in Chinese. It is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree native to the Guangdong and Fujian provinces of China, and now cultivated in many other countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, India, etc. A true historical story, in the 1st century, fresh lychees were in such demand at the Imperial Court that a special courier service with fast horses would bring the fresh fruit from Guangdong. There was great demand for lychee in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), according to Cai Xiang, in his Li chi pu (Treatise on Lychees). It was also the favorite fruit of Emperor Li Longji (Xuanzong)'s favoured concubine Yang Yuhuan (Yang Guifei). The emperor had the fruit delivered over night and covered with ice to keep it fresh at great expense to the capital, in order to please his concubine. Nowadays, in Shanghai, a city on the rise, this delightful blend of lychee and jasmine becomes more and more popular. The flavor of the tea is incredible – tangy notes of lichee dance above the exotic tones of jasmine intertwined with touches of honey, citrus and green apple. From the first sip you’ll understand what makes it so popular. A tea best enjoyed with friends!

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