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white chocolate truffle

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Ingredients: Rooibos tea, caramel pieces, calendula petals, Cacao bean pieces, white chocolate pieces, natural flavours.

Cup Characteristics: Exquisite sweet chocolate taste at the first sip and tidbits of mint meander throughout

Options: Excellent choice to make a cup of hot tea latte with milk and sugar

Benefits: The health benefits of Rooibos tea have been valued in South Africa for centuries. Recent research indicates rooibos tea is rich in powerful antioxidants, which help to slow the aging process, reverse the visible signs of aging (like wrinkles), and fight inflammation, but it can protect us from chronic disease, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, as well.

Fun to know: According to a renowned Swiss chocolate expert, chocolate and especially truffles are better than sex. Why? Because the word “commitment” doesn’t scare people off when you’re talking about truffles, or there is no need to freak anything. This special blend chocolaty tea reflects the flavour of one of their finest delicacies – the white truffle. Like all Rooibos teas, this one is caffeine free, high in minerals, and has a very unique full-bodied profile. The character of the white chocolate is perfectly balanced by the subtleties of the Rooibos and the hint of mint that was added to help round out the blend.

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