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blue mango

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Ingredients: Sencha style green tea, natural dried pineapple and mango, mallow flowers, corn flowers, natural flavors

Cup Characteristics: smooth, sweetish taste with an almost honey like finish that truly enhances the natural mango flavoring and create an exotic fruit pungency.

Options: Excellent to make an iced tea with some organic honey or a pinch of sugar

Benefits: Sencha green tea has very high antioxidant properties and helps to increase your immunity. While Vitamins C and E are well-known antioxidants, the levels present in Sencha green tea are hundreds of times more powerful than Vitamin C and twenty five times more powerful than Vitamin E when it comes to protecting the immune system. Among many other benefits that green tea possesses are lowering high blood pressure and reducing overall cholesterol. These make green tea highly effective in preventing heart disease and strokes. Green tea can regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and can actually prevent the onset of the disease. It can also prevent and treat cancer as well as acne.

Fun to know: The Blue Mango. Even the name of this fruit sounds mysterious. Throughout recorded Fun to know the Blue Mango appears to have held many people in its sweet grasp. Eastern legend says that the meat of the blue mango is so sweet that after eating just one, you won't be able to taste sugar for three days. It seems a good fit for blending the fruit with Sencha style green tea, which was manufactured in Hunan Province in South Eastern China. The green tea leaves can be plucked from the same plants as black tea but forgo black tea’s fermentation process. Once they are plucked and chosen for green tea production, the leaves are immediately steamed and bruised either by machine or by hand. They are then pan fried or basket fired giving the tea its distinctive glossy look and feel. The lack of fermentation, steaming, and firing results in teas that have a fresh, almost full of life character.

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