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mint green

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Ingredients: gunpowder green tea, mint, natural flavours

Cup Characteristics: Refreshing cool mint flavour in a green tea. A delicious and heady combination

Options: Add organic honey or rock sugar if you like sweet mint

Benefit: This tea is rich in polyphenols, which are strong antioxidants that help improve your health and keep disease away. Some of the health benefits of gunpowder green tea include helping to fight heart disease, arthritis, and immune system issues.

Fun to know: Tea blended with mint (Latin: Mentha piperita) is one of the oldest variations in the world of tea. From Armenia, where mint is known as Ananookh, to Khazakstan, where it goes by the name Jiyek jalbız, to Morocco where it is called Eqama, people have been adding fresh mint leaves to tea for at least a thousand year. The characteristically intense flavour of the herb infuses sweet minty notes that blend beautifully with the tea's mellow and slightly smoky profile. Green Gunpowder is produced by forgoing the fermentation process required to produce black tea. Instead, the leaves are steamed as soon as they are plucked and then hand-rolled into small round pellets. Once immersed in water, these pellets gracefully open to reveal a full leaf. Gunpowder teas typically have a dark coppery green color, and produce a pale yellowy green infusion, with a smooth, slightly smoky cup with a sweetish finish.

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